Why Choose Dorn

Dorn Custom Homes is the product of three generations of family carpentry. Since 1978, Dorn Custom Homes has been producing custom, quality built homes, additions, and remodels in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin. As one of the most respected contractors in Green Bay, Dorn Custom Homes specializes in handicap remodels and builds, in addition to home building, additions, and remodels.

When it’s time to build your home, contact Dorn Custom Homes to make sure you’re getting the personalized excellence you deserve.

Stress Free Construction with Our Personal Finish Coordinator

Construction can seem overwhelming and many companies expect their customers to understand the lingo when making decisions. You can easily talk about the layout of your floor plan, but no one wants to have miscommunication when it comes to the finishes! We want your project to be enjoyable and stress free!

You can be assured that your project with Dorn Custom Homes will go better than expected. Every project of ours has a personal Finish Coordinator involved to help walk our clients through the home building or remodeling process. Your personal Finish Coordinator will make sure we build the project to your specification, not the other way around, by interpreting the building plans for you and following up with the construction team to ensure your design choices are being honored.

Home Building

Custom build homes have been the staple of Dorn Custom Homes since its founding nearly 40 years ago. A belief in quality is what has driven this company for three generations. We believe excellence and pride in the work is just as important as the work itself.  Along your home building journey, Al Dorn Jr. will be in contact with you every step of the way. Any time you have questions or any time of day you’re feeling like you want to take a walk through your soon-to-be home, Al will be there for you. After all, it’s your home. Your future.

Custom Handicap Work

When most homes are built, handicap accessibility doesn’t come to mind. Finding contractors in Green Bay and Northeastern Wisconsin that are experienced in handicap remodels and builds can be difficult. Thankfully, Al Dorn and his team have been practicing handicap remodeling for years.


Every now and again we feel the need to spruce up our homes, give them a new sense of life. Modernize and get your home remodeled by Dorn Custom Homes. We work with you to accomplish the desired results of your remodel. We also understand that remodeling can be obtrusive to your life. It’s your home and we’re guests in it, helping you make it more than what it already was. We do our best to maintain your living spaces, to contain the scope of our construction and to keep your home clean.


When you bought your home, life was smaller. It could have been only you and your significant other in your first home, or you starting out by yourself. Over time our worlds grow and so do the spaces we need for our families. When it’s time to expand Dorn Custom Homes is ready to help you add on to your current home.

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We just finished up our Bellevue Build!
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2 years ago
Nova Design

Come visit us tomorrow and see this beautiful home!

Not only does this house look amazing but most importantly, it is built exceptionally well.

A quality built home will always shine brighter than any design trends!

Dorn Custom Homes:
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2 years ago
Nova Design

We can truly say this has been awesome partnership! And we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Yesterday, my youngest daughter asked me how I started my business. It made stop and reflect, specifically on the time.

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